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Beat the boatrace-The NSZ dragon boat race meets the Dragon Boat Festival
From: Time:2018-19-06

On June 18, in order to welcome the Dragon Boat Festival, ninghai chaolu town held the first "white creek source cup" dragon boat race in tianhe village, east zhejiang grand canyon. Qianfengzhen, one of 17 teams, took part in the competition.

The picture shows the employees of the competition

-- Dragon Boat Festival--

Many dragon boat competition, Yang, zheng-ping Yang, GeJianBo, Chen Zhenfang, Hu Jinjing, TongJianYi, ZhanHuaXin, Lou yo-yo, wang hong, Yang hui, gui-peng wang, Benedict goh, Hao Yan 13 employee representatives before wind vibration industry staged wonderful water compete with other team.

The picture shows the opening ceremony of the competition

The former employees, dressed in orange jackets, are vibrant and mix men and women in the all-male team. The employees were in high spirits, Shouting "go ahead, go ahead" in the waiting area, ready to compete with other teams.

-- while the game is going on --

At the beginning of the race, the dragon boats galloped along the river like a string of arrows, Shouting loudly. The beating drums, one after another, encouraged the former employees to fight hard. The cheers of the audience echoed and cheered the river. In just a few minutes, the staff worked together and went forward bravely, showing the indomitable spirit of invigorating the industry.

- after the game -

Employees and trophies are pictured together

This dragon boat race, the former feng zhen industry won the "best team vitality award" honor, developed the spirit of never surrender, integrity and unity. Before the wind industry will also be in the fierce market competition, do not fear the difficulties, strive for the upstream!

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