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Key Case
Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge

Road lighting

Wuhan Yangtze river bridge

Background information

    Wuhan Yangtze river bridge, located in wuhan city. The bridge between across the wuchang snake mountain and hanyang guishan. Is built on the Yangtze river in China's first railway, highway bridge, the upper for highway, four lanes, on both sides of the sidewalk; The lower for the extension of double line railway. The whole bridge 1670 meters. Construction began on September 1, 1955, open to traffic on October 15, 1957. 2013 road lighting renovation in the Yangtze river bridge approach span section, using the variable power street lamps ZY - 6018-400-250 - w, a total of 132 sets, the average illuminance on the 35 lx.

   Yangtze river bridge as an important part of beijing-guangzhou railway, NSZ through excellent lighting effects and reliable product quality, the safe passage for north-south railway artery night provides effective protection.


Wuhan Yangtze river bridge is mainly choose lamps and lanterns

 The name of lamps and lanterns:Street lamp

Models of lamps and lanterns:ZY-6018-400-250W


Application area:Yangtze river bridge approach


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